Friday, March 16, 2007

monsters get slain march 15th 2007

another wonderful set. this time all songs are by xiu xiu. i decided to go for a little "tribute" instead of the normal mix. this is the best xiu xiu compilation for radio i've ever seen.. mostly because i've never seen one.. and restly because you just can't beat that.

clowne towne

the fox & the rabbit
crank heart
brian the vampire
save me
sad pony guerilla girl
support our troops (black angels OH)
20,000 deaths for eidelyn gonzales, 20,000 deaths for jamie peterson
vulture piano
helsabot of caraleebot
hello from eau claire
bishop, ca
i luv the valley OH

this website is pretty amazing:
this is information about the name of the band

wow time to clean a litter box and get some sleep

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