Saturday, March 17, 2007


artist - song title
the appleseed cast - mountain halo
una - jonah
nicky hind - reverie
lcd soundsystem - north american scum
minus the bear - this ain't a surfin' movie (iqu 06 remix)
automusik - the hound dog
the berg sans nipple - mystic song
bracken - we cut the tapes and scatter
air - once upon a time
modest mouse - so much beauty in dirt
arcade fire - intervention
2 bit pie - here i come
rjd2 - the horror
goldfrapp - t. raumschmiere remix
air - napalm love
the blow - true affection
shen - main springs
disasterpiece - press start: prelude to an unfolding conflict
kc flight - planet e (talking heads remix)
hot chip - colours
talking heads - once in a lifetime
royksopp - royksopps night out
tape five - tango
hooverphonic - jackie cane
sofian rouge - casablanca streets
frosted ambassador - track 5
hooverphonic - antartica
alyeshka - whitebread girl, I love you
lcd soundsystem - all my friends
modest mouse - dashboard
the knife - pass this on (dahlback remix)
lamb - lusty

happy st. patricks day <3
[I have freckles]

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