Thursday, January 25, 2007

monsters get slain

a collection of songs for the tenderhearted.
january 25th 2007

this bike is a pipe bomb- this is what i want
cars can be blue- i like
ghost mice- boys like me (paul baribeau cover)
islands- don't call me whitney, bobby!
tender forever- if i'm weird i want to share!
best friends forever- together forever
imadethismistake- boy with a broken jaw (live)
craig salt peters- for crying
creaky boards- i love my girl cause she loves the birds
the weakerthans- left and leaving
michael jordan touchdown pass- king kong vs the us army
diskettes- come on over
the appleseed cast- e to w
the appleseed cast- sunlit ascending
tom frampton- young punx in love
erin tobey- relativity song
kimya dawson- underground
paul baribeau- dead flowers and dirt (ghost mice cover)
captain chaos- at water and park
ghost mice- monsters get slain

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