Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Jock the Sock 1/23/07

Lots of new music on Jock the Sock today! New new music is highlighted in EGGPLANT and older new music is highlighted in MAROON.

wilco- i'm the man who loves you (live)
casper and the cookies- hey mr. superstar
mirah- apples in the trees

flaming lips- race for prize
the gossip- coal to diamonds
2 bit pie- here i come
hot hot heat- you owe me an iou
gogol bordello- start wearing purple
gang of four- not great men
the arcade fire- black mirror
arab strap- the first big weekend
tegan and sara- walking with a ghost
the futureheads- burnt
the white stripes- i just don't know what to do with myself
cars and trains- broken streetlamp serenade
the shins- phantom limb
the shins- sealegs
bloc party- i still remember
hot chip- over and over
the decembrists- red right ankle
gravy train!!!- i wanna wanna wanna wanna get rid of you
ac newman- drink to me, babe, then
go! motion- somewhere nowhere
ben gibbard- plans get complex
animaniacs- multiplication
camera obscura- hands up baby
the exploited- sex and violence
the unicorns- child star
ok go- c-c-cinnamon lips

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Addiced to Baked Goods said...

those are pretty much the same color