Thursday, January 25, 2007

Punk and Indie Gems -- January 24th playlist

hey everyone, my show is on again in the new semester at exactly the same time as it was last semester! sorry about the delay getting my playlist up. onto my playlist:

i lost my playlist but here's most of what I played. I also played 'i buy the drugs' by electric six and another song i can't remember.

1 -- raven - don't need your money -- I got a 2-disc used metal compilation album from my local record store over winter break called 'new wave of british heavy metal '79 revisited' and this was on it! the whole thing is pretty awesome and I think someone from metallica compiled it in 1990, but I'm probably wrong. Lars Ulrich wrote something in it though
2 -- bomb the music industry - even winning feels bad -- i started listening to this album because it was on mitch clem's 5 best albums of 2006 list. and because the band offers it for free on their website!
3 -- the evens - cut from the cloth -- another song from the evens' new cd. i missed seeing them in concert by a few days :(
4 -- french toast - pattern -- dischord band with synth and guitars. it sounds a lot like joy division to me, but i haven't heard a lot of them
5 -- interpol - pda -- song i like from interpol that i'm trying to learn how to play
6 -- REM - sad professor -- i also bought this cd 'Up' by REM from my local record store. it's REM's most ambitious album and I've heard (at least wikipedia says) it influenced Radiohead's Kid A. i like it
7 -- television - glory -- track 1 from television's sophomore album. television is punk except with guitar solos and structure. i don't know if they're actually punk but they're very good regardless
8 -- gang of four - guns before butter -- song of of gang of four's defining album, entertainment. gang of four is minimalist punk songs with disco influences
9 -- the wipers - messenger
10 -- mates of state - fraud in the 80s
11 -- badly drawn boy - epitaph
12 -- morphine - shame
13 -- belle and sebastian - the rollercoaster ride

see you next week!

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Lauren said...

You also played 2 bit pie. I don't remember which song it was though.