Saturday, January 27, 2007

pinkie swear. commercial special edition

artist - song title - Youtube commercials are linked!
silicon scally - thrusters

audio bullys - ego war
the knife - heartbeats (SONY BRAVIA commercial)
css - alala
brazilian girls - lazy lover (AXE commercial)
deadelus - sundown
freezepop - boys on film
ladytron - seventeen
royksopp - remind me (Geico commercial)
mochipet - quills
ms. john soda - scan the ways
lamb - lusty
goldfrapp - ooh la la phones re-edit (Verizon Chocolate commercial) - I can't find this on the internet anywhere!!
shiny toy guns - le disko
spoon - the way we get by
the postal service - such great heights (UPS commercial - that's clever, haha)
the dead science - gamma knife (performing on RPI campus in APRIL for more info)
honeycut - aluminum city
lali puna - nin-com pop(thomas leboeg remix) - Lali Puna was recently featured on One Tree Hill
the ceasers - jerk it out (old car commercial + ipod commercial)
2 bit pie - here I come
air - universal traveller
kraftwerk - pocket calculator
kraftwerk cover of their song pocket calculator done in 8-bit on the compilation cd 8-bit operators

I also played roger o'donnell in there somewhere! I can't remember where.. boo
other commercials you may want to check out:
target christmas - goldfrapp

goldfrapp again!

I'll be back next week Saturday 4-6pm! Email me at tata! - Emelie

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