Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Addicted to Baked Goods 1/24/07

I have a new two hour show, Wednesdays from 10-12. There's a lot of new good stuff (in purple).

song - artists

concrete bed - nada surf
grey ice water - modest mouse
factory direct - ben gibbard
the perfect me - deerhoof
turn out the light - new amsterdams
crusin - mathematicians
if looks could kill - camera obscura
sweet avenue - jets to brazil
all up the seathing coast - the mountain goats
sleeping lessons - the shins
learn how to disapear - casper and the cookies
what difference does it make - the smiths
black mirror - the arcade fire
saturday night - the thrills
a little bit of love - the mooney suzuki
yankee bayonet - the decemberists
i've just seen a face - beatles
beetlebum - blur
clap your hands - clap your hands and say yeah
oh nina - the muffs
nobody ever - 2 bit pie
aveda - hot hot heat
i saw you - the arab strap
walk of a gurl - preston school of industry
chewin the apple of your eye - flaming lips
2nd ave, 11am - ted leo
that's when the party started - dismemberment plan
i turn my camera on - spoon
wrapped up in books - belle and sebastian
east river - jeffrey lewis
allright/not quite - the apples in stereo
quit - hey mercedes


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allison said...

jeff lewis rocks! ill definitely look for that today.