Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Ambient Signal's Top 18 Albums of 2006

Yeah..this was a helluva year for great albums. The beginning of the year wasn't very strong in terms of volume, but once it hit august, good albums were coming out every week..its craazy. To rank all the albums, I based my decisions on a few factors: How much I had listened to the album(thanks itunes!), how much it had influenced me to think differently about music, and how good the album was as a whole. start the list I'll begin with the lowest and work towards my Number 1 album of 2006.

18. The Decemberists- The Crane Wife
17. Bright Eyes- Noise Floor
16. Ambulette- The Lottery EP
15. Function- Secret Miracle Fountain
14. Brand New- The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me
13. Emily Haines and the Soft skeleton- Knives don't have your back
12. Cursive- Happy Hollow
11. Amy Millan- Honey From the Tombs
10. Ester Drang- Rocinate
9. Sunset Rubdown- Shut Up I am Dreaming
8. Talkdemonic- Beatromantic
7. Hammock- Raising your voice trying to stop an Echo
6. Forget Cassettes- Salt
5. Camera Obscura- Let's get out of this country
4. Annuals- Be He Me

3. The Velvet Teen- Cum Laude
The Velvet Teen have been one of my favorite bands for quite some time, and I admire them mostly for their ability to completely reinvent themselves on every album. This album featured heavy use of electronics, distorted vocals, and insane drumming. Only a few songs stood out as just meh, and that knocked them down a few notches..but the songs that are great..are greaaat..
Best Track: Noi Boi
2nd: False Profits

2. The Album Leaf- Into The Blue Again
I am a huuuge fan of the Album Leaf, and they are one of my biggest musical influences, so luckily their new album did not let me down. Jimmy Lavalle returned with his signature rhodes, synths and drum machines and added even more violin and live drums than his previous album. I do not think this album is quite perfect, in that some of the songs lag a bit, but overall it is a very pleasing listening experience.
Best Track: Shine
2nd: Always For You

1. Margot and The Nuclear So and So's- The Dust of Retreat
As whole, this album is completely amazing. Only a few songs are less popular with me than others, but as I listened to the album more and more (it seems that I listened to this whole album about 30+ times this year), all of the songs would become my 'new favorite' until they all became classics. Everything is well crafted, and just where it should be.
Best Track: Talking In Code
2nd: Quiet as Mouse

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Anonymous said...

Yup, I like these guys quite a bit. They played Valentines in Albany 2 yrs ago - 8 people plus gear crammed on the downstairs stage. Was amazing and wish they'd be back nearby.