Friday, December 15, 2006

Jock the Sock 12/15

Boohoo! The last Jock the Sock of the semester. Twas fun. Hope you all have a nice break and happy holidayz!

(pink = my faveritz)

go! motion- dance
hot chip- laws of salvation
the matches- dog eared page
adam sandler- 12 pains of christmas
the apples in stereo- the bird that you can't see
the flaming lips- the w.a.n.d. supernaturalistic (goldfrapp remix)
oranger- shutdown the sun
jets to brazil- morning new disease
the vandals- grandpa's last xmas
the black maria- waking up with wolves
the violent femmes- blister in the sun
bright eyes- a perfect sonnet
bright eyes- silent night
the futureheads- area
the inner banks- glittering sky
beck- sexx laws
beck- black tambourine (remixed by south rakkas crew)
beck- elevator music
belle and sebastian- a summer wasting
frank zappa- don't eat the yellow snow
ok go- do what you want
weird al- white and dirty
animaniacs- the goodbye song


Addiced to Baked Goods said...

don't eat the yellow snow!

Lauren said...

Haha, I'm a woman of my word... eventually.