Sunday, October 07, 2007

Gold Sounds 10/7/07 - Special Sunday Edition!

Oh hey! I am on the radio again, covering for Prolefeed. I've never been inside WRPI this late and it is kind of lonely. Music! New songs in orange (there's going to be a lot of good music coming out this week, some of which I played tonight).

DisasterPEACE "Press Start - Prelude to an Unfolding Conflict"

The Dismemberment Plan "The Ice of Boston"
Georgie James "Look Me Up"
Animal Collective "Fireworks"

We Versus the Shark "I Am a Fantastic Battle"
We Versus the Shark "We Versus the Inevitability of Death"
Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution "They Provide The Paint For The Picture Perfect Masterpiece That You Will Paint On The Insides Of Your Eyelids" (request, kinda)

Millencolin "No Cigar"
Weezer "You Won't Get with Me Tonight"
Refused "Liberation Frequency"

Sunset Rubdown "Winged/Wicked Things"
ModestMouse764-HERO "Whenver You See Fit (DJ Dynomite D. Remix)"

Mini Rock Block-ish...Spiral Stairs
Broken Social Scene Featuring Kevin Drew "Lucky Ones"
Pavement "Grounded"

Figurines "The Air We Breathe"
The Octopus Project "I Saw the Bright Shinies"
Le Loup "We Are Gods! We Are Wolves!"

NOFX "Please Play This Song on the Radio" (request, kinda pt. 2)
The Weakerthans "Tournament of Hearts"
Radiohead "Knives Out"

Modest Mouse "Heart Cooks Brain"
Broken Social Scene "7/4 Shoreline"
Steve Fisk & Benjamin Gibbard "Overture"

Death Cab for Cutie "Title Track"
Hum "I Hate it Too"

The Blow "Hey Boy"
Pavement "Heaven Is a Truck"

The Dismemberment Plan "You Are Invited"

See you Wednesday, normal time.

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