Thursday, October 04, 2007

monsters get slain october 4 2007

hi! here are some songs! if you didn't hear them you should try to! a good place, if you dont know already, to preview songs is

devendra banhart : so long old bean

tender forever : hot
kiss kiss : killing the son
ted leo & the pharmacists : the high party
beruit : postcards from italy (i play this song every show because it's so wonderful!)
craig salt peters : good morning glory
paul baribeau : like bells...
ghost mice : up the punks
kimya dawson : underground
pretty hot: brotherly blows to the back of the head
defiance ohio : road signs always look better
ghost mice : the lost city
herman dune : i'd rather walk than run
michael jordan touchdown pass : the march of insabordination
gal and lad : cowboy
the one am radio : the landmine
spoonboy : aren't all songs political
operation cliff clavin : the big picture
iron & wine : boy with a coin
rosa : you are my sunshine
ten in the swear jar : when you write

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