Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Gold Sounds 10/3/07

Back after an absence last week. Feels good to return! Aesop Rock was awesome though.
Georgie James is playing Rev Hall tomorrow and We Versus the Shark will be at Valentine's on the 15th. Live music wooooo.

Anyway, today's playlist! New songs in orange, requests in blue.

Radiohead "There There"
The Get Up Kids "Alec Eiffel" (Pixies cover)
Ben Kweller "Falling"

Georgie James "Look Me Up"
Stars "Personal"
Mogwai "Travel Is Dangerous"

Johnossi "The Show Tonight"
The White Stripes "Little Cream Soda"
Animal Collective "For Reverend Green"

Hum "Stars" (2008 Cadillac edition)

Conceptual Rock Block (The Anniversary and its splinter bands)
The Anniversary "The D in Detroit"
White Flight "Deathhands"
Fourth of July "Long Gone"

Le Loup "Le Loup (Fear Not)"
Okkervil River "Unless It's Kicks"
Pinback "Devil You Know"

We Versus the Shark "(After)life Things"
Elvis Costello "The Beat"
Georgie James "Need Your Needs"

Hum "If You Are to Bloom"
Neutral Milk Hotel "Holland, 1945"
Mogwai "Helps Both Ways"

Built to Spill "Carry the Zero"

Thanks for listening and calling in! I'll be back next Wednesday, hopefully with the new Radiohead album freshly downloaded!

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