Wednesday, October 10, 2007

pinkie swear

special edition radio show of memories of a crashed car

artist - song
jack's mannequin - dark blue
rooney - i'm shakin
the strokes - 12:51
jimmy eat world - pain
the killers - somebody told me
death cab for cutie - title and registration
maroon 5 - she will be loved
rusted root - send me on the way
bright eyes - first day of my life
the bravery - every word is a knife in my ear
hot hot heat - bandages
incubus - make yourself
bonde de role - solta o frango
appleseed cast - mountain halo
modest mouse - so much beauty in dirt
denali - everybody knows
bright eyes - easy/lucky/free
the shins - phantom limb
misha - weatherbees
psapp - tricycle
misha -
air - once upon a time
lali puna - grin and bear it
portishead - roads
odd nosdam - fat hooks
islands - don't call me whitney, bobby
imogen heap - hide and seek
russ columbo - guilty (from the amelie soundtrack)


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