Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Gold Sounds 10/10/07

Gold Sounds! Sorry about the beginning of the show, that was sloppy. At least I have the new Radiohead to play, along with a billion other new CDs. Playlist (new songs in orange, requests in blue):

Figurines "Childhood Verse" (the two minute version, hah)
Built to Spill "Reasons"

Sea Wolf "The Rose Captain"
The Good Life "On the Picket Fence"
Death Cab for Cutie "Summer Skin"

Sunset Rubdown "For the Pier (And Dead Shimmering)"
The Dismemberment Plan "Spider in the Snow"

MGMT "Weekend Wars"
Animal Collective "Fireworks"
The Octopus Project "Bees Bein' Strugglin'"

CONCEPTUAL ROCK BLOCK (Radiohead Radiohead Radiohead)
Radiohead "All I Need"
Radiohead "Lucky"
Radiohead "House of Cards"

1990s "You Made Me Like It"
Spoon "Jonathon Fisk"
Matt Sharp "Goodbye West Coast"

We Versus the Shark "The Lament of Sue Richards"
Hum "Green to Me"
Murder By Death "I'm Afraid of Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf"

Sunny Day Real Estate "Song About an Angel"
Beirut "A Sunday Smile"
New Buffalo "It'll Be Alright"

Sun Kil Moon "Space Travel Is Boring"
Ozma "Continental Drift"

I thought the second half of the show went really well. Hope you enjoyed everything, be back next week!

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