Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Jock the Sock 2/27

Jock the Sock
Tuesdays 2-4PM

Lots of awesome new music this week! Highlighted in green!

lcd soundsystem- north american sum
apples in stereo- stream running over
apples in stereo- energy
bloc party- staying fat
bloc party- the prayer
beck- girl
!!!- me and guiliani down by the school yard - new cd was missing, but I found it right after my show ended. GRRR. Next week, I promise!
daft punk- harder, better, faster, stronger
scissor sisters- lights
rhymefest- devil's pie
built to spill- center of the universe
mew- the zookeeper's boy
the comas- moonrainbow
neutral milk hotel- avery island-april 1st
neutral milk hotel- gardenhead-leave me alone
the arcade fire- neighborhood #3 (power out)
the arcade fire- keep the car running
mission to burma- 2wice
the hippos- lost it
of montreal- voltaic crusher/undrum to muted da
the pipettes- pull shapes
let's go sailing- icicles
origami ghosts- using words to describe the ocean
electric six- radio ga ga
the whitest boy alive- golden cage
the pixies- debaser
beulah- gene autry
goldfrapp- boys will be boys
cursive- fairytales tell tales
pheonix- long distance call
blind melon- no rain
beirut- postcards from italy

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