Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Ambient Signal playlist 2/27/07 (Second Chance songs)

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Today's show theme is giving old songs a second chance. It's mostly a collection of songs or bands one hit wonders that I liked a while ago and I'm giving them another try..hopefully you'll like a few

Paper Cranes- Triangle
Metal Hearts- Foothills
Meredith Bragg & The Terminals- Empty Beds
Fembots- Prison Memoirs of an Anarchist
Doveman- Cities
Faunts- Parler De La Pluie Et Du Beau Temps
The Submarines- Hope
The Coral Sea- Lake and Ocean
Bell Orchestre- Les Lumiere Pt. 2
Clann Zu- Ri Ra
The Cinematic Underground- WOrk (Carparts and Cubicles)
Calla- Initiate
---Start new music---
Arcade Fire- Intervention
Maria Taylor- The Ballad of Sean Foley
Cortney Tidwell- LaLa
Rio En Medio- Tiger's Ear
Let's go sailing- Too many stars
One AM Radio- In the time we've got
Nicky Hind- Slumber
Softlightes- Untitled Duet #3
Minmae- Your band controls the weather
Marnie Stern- Vibrational Match
---end new music----
Montag- Grand Luxe
Ivy- Edge of the Ocean
Vashti Bunyan- Here Before
Luc- Do it Just
Paww- Into the Valley
Never- On a mountain

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