Saturday, November 18, 2006

pinkie swear.

Pinkie swear! 11/18/06
song title - artist

shot you down feat. Nancy Sinatra - Audio Bullys
radiohead - skttrbrain-four tet remix
o mexico - dosh
metallic rutland - model fighter
tony joe white - rainy nights in georgia - boozoo bajou
colder - bitcrush
mild davis - cities
tk 2 - isis
noah and the electric cholos - softlightes
the garden (beats) - cut chemist
storm (instrumental) - cut chemist
dark day, white lines - honeycut
teenagers in love - riding paper airplanes
sunrise - daedelus
dead armies - caural
changes - tahiti 80
new years - asobi seksu
colours - hot chip (off the DFA remixes)
drove through glass to get here - 65daysofstatic
from bedroom to bass bins - mochipet
in the morning - razorlight
quelle heure est-il - tomcraft
chipple - thumbtack smoothie
can't remember - revox
5 year eve - alias and tarsier
not without you - roger o'donnell - album leaf
dude you feel electrical - shout out out out out
will you ever love yourself? - hammock
work slow life - so percussion
for the truth in you - roger o'donnell



Tony said...

I liked the Shout Out Out Out Out. So percussion too.

Emelie said...

yeahh they are both solid albums, very good stuff!