Thursday, November 16, 2006

pinkie swear.

Filling in for Radio #1 tonight:
title - artist
Girlkillsbear - Softlightes
I want candy - bow wow wow
shake your coconuts (dfa remix) - junior senior
banquet - bloc party
robotic voices - mathematicians
keep on moving - audio bullys
mothership - kid beyond
destroy everything you touch - ladytron
scan the waves - ms. john soda
heart made of sound - softlightes
fastforward (flochart remix) - lali puna
high and dry - radiohead
le disko - shiny toy guns
welcome to the times - 65daysofstatic
gamma knife - the dead science
run - air
every ghost has it's spectre - bitcrush
micael - juana molina
electric tagtraum - riamiwo
original bedroom rockers - ambient dance party (we had Jamison there in spirit)
processed beats - kasabian
the drinks we drank last night - azure ray
robot girl (featuring ellen alien) - mochipet
climbing on roofs (desperate edit) - 65daysofstatic
master of the music - wolfgang
lasagna - the knife
disko donkey (phon.o mix) - mochipet
sundown - daedelus
colors (dfa remix) - hot chip

Don't forget, I'll be on Saturday from 4-6! From 6-8 is special guest Rich, so I might stick around for some of that too! - Emelie

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