Monday, October 05, 2009

Plan B, 10/5/09

Healthy stack of new stuff again this week. Focus albums are Via Tania's Moon Sweet Moon, Aerosol's Airborne, and Múm's Sing Along To Songs You Don't Know.

Also, I'm still madly in love with Silver Starling's new self-titled debut LP. You owe it to yourself to track it down and play it on repeat for hours. Well, when it's commercially released in the US, anyway. (I love being a college radio DJ.)

[Track - Artist (Album)]

Fields - Via Tania (Moon Sweet Moon)
High Plains Drifter Finds The Oracle at Delphi - Jupiter One (Sunshower)
Never Fine - The Shaky Hands (Let It Die)
Closer - Silver Sterling (Silver Sterling)
Bed - Brand New (Daisy)
Underdog - Kasabian (West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum)
Circles - Thrice (Beggars)
Circles - As Tall As Lions (You Can't Take It With You)
Sing Along - Múm (Sing Along To Songs You Don't Know)
The Beginning - Via Tania (Moon Sweet Moon)
Midnight Ride Down the Mental Freeway - Aerosol (Airborne)
Something Over Nothing - Silver Starling (Silver Starling)
A Trenchant Critique - Owen (New Leaves)
On The Shore - World's Greatest Ghosts (No Magic)
Almighty Moon - Sondre Lerche (Heartbeat Radio)
Wonder Stranger - Via Tania (Moon Sweet Moon)
Wintertime Love - Choir of Young Believers (This Is For the White In Your Eyes)
Let The Seasons Drift - Aerosol (Airborne)
A River Don't Stop To Breathe - Múm (Sing Along To Songs You Don't Know)
Strange Teacher - Jupiter One (Sunshower)
Dangerously - Via Tania (Moon Sweet Moon)
How We Operate - Gomez (How We Operate)
Infinite Expanse - Aerosol (Airborne)
Love And A Broken Heart - Silver Starling (Silver Starling)
Ugly On The Inside - Owen (New Leaves)
Moving On - Anthem In (Anthem In)

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