Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Three Short Words - 5/09/07

new music in red
last song played on my last scheduled radio show in green

Broken Social Scene - Ibi Dreams of Pavement
The New Pornographers - Jackie, Dressed in Cobras
John Vanderslice - Continuation
The Flaming Lips - The Gash
Enon - Sold!
The Beta Band - BrokenUpADingDong
The Blow - Parentheses
!!! - Yadnus
The Rapture - I Need Your Love
The Dismemberment Plan - Ok Jokes Over
Wolf Parade - You Are a Runner And I Am My Father's Son
Get Him Eat Him - Not Not Nervous
Modest Mouse - We've Got Everything
The Wrens - A Faster Gun
Spoon - Small Stakes

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Ambient Slut said...

bye'll be missed maan