Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Addicted to Baked Goods 5/9

real last show ever. new music in green.

song - artist

learn how to disappear - casper and the cookies
reconstruction site - the weakerthans
giga dance - deerhoof
revenge wears no wristwatch - the walkmen
glowworm - apples in stereo
love of my life - frank zappa
16 military wives - the decemberists
march into the sea - modest mouse
everyday feels like sunday - of montreal
i am over it - dandy worhols
season of the shark - yo la tengo
what we all want - gang of four
dinner at eight in the suburbs - all-time quarterback
"my sword hand's anger" - apostle of hustle
miss teen wordpower - new pornographers
company calls epilogue - death cab for cutie
no cars go - arcade fire
the hotter, the wetter, the better - apollo sunshine
lloyd, i'm ready to be heartbroken - camera obscura
decent days and nights - the futureheads
washington square park - the get up kids
elevator music - beck
hypotenuse of love - the mathematicians
icicles - let's go sailing
the "nice people" argument - ted leo
sky blue sky - wilco
ghost mountain - the unicorns
cave radio - universal hall pass
pictures of matchstick men - camper van beethoven
black plastic bag - q and not u
parklife - blur
natural resources - dntel


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Ambient Slut said...

you'll be missed too always played great stuff from the new bins, heh