Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Blender, Thursday April 5 @ 2-4p

SO much amazing music this week. Two weeks actually (thanks a LOT suicider, and before you call me heardless, I'm well versed in suicidal thoughts not coming to fruition). But I'm too lazy to describe it so just read the playlist :P

2 pee emm
Henry Padovani - Welcome Home
The Free Zen Society - Surrender
Radical Face - Winter is Coming
Pentliczek - An-Atomic Gasp
Small Sails - Corners
Cornelius - Wataridori
Midival Punditz - Four Sticks
Zohar - Let There Be Light
Cibo Matto - Clouds
Tracy Thorn - Easy
Ceu - Roda
Aurah - Wise Me Up
2:58 "What's Going On Here?"
LCD Soundsystem - All My Friends
Coma - Gort, Klattu Barrata Niktoe
Hiromi's Sonicbloom - Time Control
Mochipet - Justin Timberlakecore
White Flight - Oz Icaro
Benni Hemm Hemm - Stoffer
Hansel and Gretel - The Last Song Ever Written
Maria Taylor - Clean Getaway
Harlan - One Person Band
Dead Heart Bloom - Who Will You Love
The Avett Brothers - Pretty Girl From San Diego
the end, 4pm

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