Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Three Short Words - Some Songs - 3/21/07

New music in blue.
Hard to read music in light blue.
Impossible to read music in white.

Arcade Fire - Keep the Car Running
Modest Mouse - Fire It Up
The Dismemberment Plan - This is the Life
The Halo Benders - Lonesome Sundown
Bright Eyes - Four Winds
The Wrens - Hopeless
The Walkmen - Revenge Wears No Wristwatch
Feist - My Moon My Man
Psapp - Needle and Thread
Casiotone for the Painfully Alone - A Normal, Suburban Lifestyle is a Near Impossibility Once You've Fallen in Love With an International Spy
Panda Bear - Comfy In Nautica
!!! - Yadnus
Get Him Eat Him - Mumble Mumble
Apples in Stereo - 7 Stars

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Emelie said...

i like your legend