Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Blender, Thursday Mar 22 @ 2-4p

Heh, I couldn't resist playing Lordi's breakout Eurovision hit. Such a silly and stupid song.... but there's some seriously good stuff in the show too, like new Modest Mouse and Echoboy complete with breakcore from Mochipet. So much less-than-three.

Lordi - Hard Rock Hallelujah
Air - One Hell of a Party
Banco de Gaia - Echoes
Plan B - Little Tiny
Clue to Kalo - This is Over by Inches
Tincup Prophette - Going Numb
Cassette Concret - Icefishing the Americas
Panda Bear - Bros
Pentliczek - Tuvan Bolur In Guerrilla
Kieran Hebden & Steve Ried - Mirrors
3:00, "What's Going On Here?"
Nicky Hind - Cosmos (part 1)
Mochipet - Beijing Operacore
Six by Seven - "untitled"
Feist - The Water
Herb Pilhofer - Conwed Ceiling Tile
Thes One - Bobcat
El-P - Smithereens
Echoboy - Jet Brown
Modest Mouse - March Into The Sea
Maps + Atlases - Everyplace is a House
Jonathan Byrd - Jesus Was a Bootlegger
Benni Hemm Hemm - Brekkan
The Album Leaf - Essex
4:00 and I'm frikken starving, see you at the library cafe

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