Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Punk and Indie Gems -- Valentine's Day playlist

This playlist is a tentative list of songs I'm playing later today (1pm). I'm playing a few songs from the new bins also, and I'll probably update this list to include those later.

For valentine's day, I made up a playlist of songs about love (pro or con):
1 -- fugazi - do you like me -- song by fugazi about unrequited love. maybe the only song fugazi ever wrote about love
2 -- ryan michael kiley - hallelujah -- a cover of a song written by leonard cohen and played by a friend of mine at an open mic. i don't know if it's technically about love, but the tone fits the list
3 -- paul baribeau - strawberry -- a plain folk love song referencing strawberries
4 -- pearl jam - elderly woman behind the counter at a small town -- person leaves town, returns many years later
5 -- the evens - if it's water -- "I'm alive your alive we make warmth when we desire. if its water and it's not wet it could be ice so heat it and you can soak me again"
6 -- rem - you're in the air -- about a relationship, not really ideal but they fall in love anyway. at least that's what i got from it
7 -- the pixies - la la love you -- straightforward love song
8 -- nofx - monosyllabic girl -- straightforward love song
9 -- jawbreaker - chemistry -- about wanting someone who's dating someone else
10 -- husker du - i'll never forget you -- a bad breakup
11 -- smiths - i want the one i can't have -- see title
12 -- gang of four - anthrax -- gang of four wrote this as an anti-love song (which is why it's full of feedback). the narration is about groups that write love songs and why.
13 -- morphine - i know you (part 2) -- straightforward love song
14 -- mood of defiance - girl in a painting part 2 -- i don't know if this is actually a love song or not, but i found it in a compilation album called "life is beautiful so why not eat health foods" so it seemed to fit the mood
15 -- replacements - i will dare -- about meeting people

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