Friday, December 01, 2006

Three Short Words 11/29/06

So this time I managed to remember to mention the blog on my show, but forgot to post my playlist. I'll get this down one day, I swear.

Mirah - Sweepstake Prize (remix)
The Mathematicians - Weapons of Math Instruction
Astronautilis - Seaweed Sheets
Frog Eyes - Russian Berries but You're Quiet Tonight
Why? - Rubber Traits
Of Montreal - Let's Do Everything for the First Time Forever
The Blow - Babay (Eat a Critter, Feel Its Wrath)
Radiohead - Fake Plastic Trees (live @ KCRW)
The Shins - Phantom Limb
Half-Handed Cloud - Out of Crudeness: Healing
The Delgados - Pull the Wires From the Wall
The Dears - You and I Are a Gang of Losers
The Flaming Lips - Brainville
The Halo Benders - Lonesome Sundown
Radar Bros. - Shifty Lines
Eels - My Descent Into Madness
Pavement - Stop Breathin
Q And Not U - Soft Pyramids
No Wait Wait - Lost in the Bottle
Spoon - Stay Don't Go
The New Pornographers - Ballad of the Comeback Kid
Modest Mouse - All Nite Diner
The Beta Band - BrokenUpADingDong
Sparklehorse - Shade and Honey
Grizzly Bear - Easier
Architecture in Helsinki - Vanishing


Lauren said...

Soft Pyramids is my favorite Q and not U song!

Tony said...

I still can't figure out what version of Soft Pyramids I have, because it's not the one off of Different Damage.
I played the same Shins song on my show. Woooops