Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Addicted to Baked Goods 11/28

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company calls epilogue - death cab for cutie
subtract my life - the mathematicians
crown of love - the arcade fire
yeah yeah yeah song -flaming lips
is this love? - clap your hands and say yeah
piazza the new york catcher - belle and sebastian
everyday feels like sunday - of montreal
when the deal goes down - bob dylan
dance music - mountain goats
youre so damn hot - ok go
turn out the light - new amsterdams
walking after you - foo fighters
i've hardly been - stephen malkamus
she just happened - mighty mighty bosstones
you're the good things - modest mouse
king of time - ted leo and the pharmacists
letters to the far reaches - the promise ring


1 comment:

Lauren said...

The Crown of Love is so good. And so is Addicted to Baked Goods.