Friday, December 01, 2006

Jock the Sock 12/1

I have finally thought to post my playlist in a timely manner! So here is the play list for Jock the Sock 12/1. FYI, Jock the Sock is on Fridays from 2-3PM:

*head automatica- brooklyn is burning

*beck- cellphone's dead

*aminaniacs- lake titicaca

*gravy train!!!!- hump lites

*bitter: sweet- the mating game

*david bowie- starman

*casper and the cookies- hey mr. superstar

*sublime- doin' time (snoop time remix)

*mirah- the light

*king crimson- discipline

*feathers- skara brain

*clap your hands say yeah- let the cool goddess rust away

*say anything- the writhing south

*animaniacs- wakko's america

*reel big fish- ban the tube top

*tenacious d- destiny

There will be more Animaniacs next week! There are two cd's in the library and surely I must play all of the tracks at some point. :-p


Tony said...

I like Casper and the Cookies. Looking forward to the next album. Head Automatica is playing at Revolution Hall on the 16th or something with Ok Go.

Lauren said...

I KNOW. I'm really pissed off that I'm missing that- I already have a prior engagement at home. POOP.

P.S. Casper and the Cookies are amazing.

KT said...

ps. this show rocked.

Lauren said...

PS- i <3 KT!!!

KT said...

ps. I <3 Jock the Sock