Monday, September 28, 2009

Plan B, 9/28/09

I'm back in full this week after last week's technical difficulties (the CD drive on my laptop decided to stop working with me.) Here's the plan for this week's show. Focus albums this week are Silver Starling's self-titled, No Magic by World's Greatest Ghosts, and New Leaves by Owen.

[track - artist (album)]

Something Over Nothing - Silver Starling (Silver Starling)
The Royal Court - World's Greatest Ghosts (No Magic)
Doublespeak - Thrice (Beggars)
You Stole - Brand New (Daisy)
Comin' Home - City and Colour (Sometimes)
Never Been Born - Owen (New Leaves)
Melectric - Ramona Falls (Intuit)
In The Branches - The Builders and the Butchers (Salvation is a Deep Dark Well)
Good Luck - Sondre Lerche (Heartbeat Radio)
Alright - Pilot Speed (Into The West)
No Secret Why - The Coast (Expatriate)
She Walks - Choir of Young Believers (This Is For The White In Your Eyes)
Loudest Speaker - World's Greatest Ghosts (No Magic)
Amnesia and Me - Owen (New Leaves)
Golden and Green - The Builders and the Butchers (Salvation is a Deep Dark Well)
Blind - Silver Starling (Silver Starling)
Daisy - Brand New (Daisy)
The Weight - Thrice (Beggars)
Russia - Ramona Falls (Intuit)
Birds - Emiliana Torrini (Me And Armini)
The Only Child of Aergia - Owen (New Leaves)
Magick Words - World's Greatest Ghosts (No Magic)
Florida Logic - Cougar (Patriot)
This Is Not A Dream - Silver Starling (Silver Starling)
One More Day - Lydia (Illuminate)

EDIT: I'm trying out a slightly different format for my citations this time around. Does this work? Is the album thing really a big deal? (I, for one, think it is, but I'll defer to public opinion on this one.)

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Blar said...

I can imagine formatting this way takes a lot of work, but it is pretty easy to read..good looking playlist