Monday, May 11, 2009

Deer Tick on NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams. What?

Hey everyone,

So if you remember, a few months ago we had the pleasure of having Deer Tick at WRPI. They played three acoustic songs and I got to interview them afterward. Since then, they've been named one of the top bands of SXSW by Rolling Stone magazine and, as of this past week, have been featured on NBC Nightly News and interviewed by none other than Brian Williams.

Check out the interview here. John McCauley from Deer Tick talks about their recent rise in popularity and their upcoming album Born on Flag Day, while Brian Williams asks them when they'll know that they've hit it big. It's awkwardly hilarious and definitely worth viewing (it's about three and a half minutes long).

Brian Williams has a music blog too, apparently. Dude loves indie rock.

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Emelie said...

it's probably cause they heard you on wrpi. it all starts with wrpi. :)