Sunday, April 26, 2009

Prolefeed 4/26/09

Looks like I finally decided to start posting playlists again...but why have my own blog when I can (virtually) hang out with a bunch of cool people over here?

LaGrecia - "Can't Go Back to Daddy's"
The Falcon - "Blackout"
Ensign - "Foot In Mouth as an Art Form"
Fifth Hour Hero - "Shape of Pistols"
The Ergs! - "Pray For Rain"
The Lawrence Arms - "Chapter 13: The Hero Appears"
Lifetime - "Somewhere in the Swamps of Jersey"
Descendants - "When I Get Old"
Husker Du - "In a Free Land"
The Measure[SA] - "Union Pool"
Screaming Females - "Bell"
American Steel - "Razor Blades"
Scream Hello - "White Skies and French Fries"
None More Black - "Nothing To Do When You're Locked in a Vacancy"
Hot Water Music - "The Ebb and Flow"
Randy - "Karl Marx and History"
The World/Inferno Friendship Society - "Paul Robeson"
Vision - "Beggars and Gentry"
Fake Problems - "Real Problems in SRQ"
After the Fall - "Make Music Not War"
Teenage Bottlerocket - "Pacemaker"
Bridge and Tunnel - "Circles to Shreds"
Propagandhi - "Bringer of Greater Things"
Circle Jerks - "I Wanna Destroy You"
The Copyrights - "Go Now"
Dead To Me - "Special Professional"
Dillinger Four - "Sellthehousellthecarsellthekidsfind..."
Morning Glory - "The Whole World is Watching"
Scared of Chaka -"Tired of You Sick of Me"
Jawbreaker - "Chesterfield King"
Sticks and Stones - "Cynical"
You, Me, and the Atom Bomb - "Proud to Say"
D.O.A. - "World War 3"
Nakatomi Plaza - "Not Hopeless"

And that's it for this one. See you in a month!

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Anonymous said...

Yessss Brian, good to see you here. Nice playlist as usual.