Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Ambient Signal 3/26/08- Slightly extended edition

WRPI 91.5fm! for webcast

I got an extra 30 minutes because Emelie couldn't do her i played a bunch of random stuff from the new bins..

Pre show

Crystal castles - Courtship dating
Be your own pet- super soaked
Don Cavalli- Agression
Destroyer- Foam hands
De novo dahl- Shout
Devotchka- Basso profundo
Pharmacy- Little toys on a shelf

Real show start

Charlie everywhere- Lucy's underground
Mugison- I want you
The Notwist- One with the freaks
Forget Cassettes- Instruments of action
A Northern Chorus- Rememberence day
Ester Drang- Come back alive
Marketa Irglova- The Hill (from the Once soundtrack)
Neko case- Star Witness
Cortney Tidwell- Our Time
Son Lux- Stay (raving about this album below)
Why?- Song for the sad assassin
Cassettes won't listen- Paper float
Unwed Sailor- Aurora
Foxhole- The end of dying
Colour Revolt- See it
Plants and Animals- Bye Bye Bye
Excepter - Kill People
Autumns- Clem
Margot and the Nuclear So and So's- Hello Vagina (b-side off the upcoming ' Animal! ' album)
Neva Dinova- She can't change
Montag- Hands off, creature!
Radical face- Wrapped in piano strings
M83- Couleurs
This Will Destroy You- A three-legged workhorse

This Son lux album (At war with Walls and Mazes) is completely amazing. I can't say enough about the composition, technical aspects and emotion that this album has. The originality is really stunning as well. The blending of hip hop and classical elements with minimalist lyrics somehow all fit just right under Ryan Lott's careful hands. Many times during my first listen I remember saying to myself "what?? you can't do that" (especially in a song like "Raise" where a crunchy bass and scratched opera singing come out of nowhere on an otherwise docile track. Everything feels very deliberate, but very organic. The effects he uses start to make the music sound like it is going to break down and stop at any moment, and you start hoping "no! no! don't stop yet!" There are a bunch of unreleased songs on his i'm crossing my fingers for an EP later on. Yet another homerun for Anticon this year...I thought Why?'s Alopecia was my top contender for album of the year, but Son Lux may have beaten them out for now..

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