Wednesday, February 06, 2008

pinkie swear

artist - song

chromeo - fancy footwork
M.I.A. - pull up the people
digitalism - zdarlight
daft punk - around the world / harder better faster stronger
tone-loc / peaches remix - wild thing
crystal castles - untrust us
delta 5 - mind your own business
billie holiday - travelin all alone - nickodemus remix
the ran-dells - martian hop
tiga - you gonna want me
gabin - doo uap, doo uap, doo uap
hot chip - shake a fist
goldfrapp - A&E - Hercules and Love Affair Remix
ghostland observatory - club soda
the honorary title - everything I once had
modest mouse - so much beauty in dirt
explosions in the sky - first breath after coma


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