Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ambient Signal 1/30/08

WRPI 91.5fm! for webcast

I'll probably be back next week at the same time..check for updates on our schedule.

Grizzly Bear- Easier
The Album leaf- Shine
A Northern Chorus- Subjects and matter
Conor oberst- That's my fault
St. Vincent- Landmines
Feist- How my heart behaves
Johann Johannson- Salfraedingur
Sigur Ros- Milano
Helio Sequence- Back to this
Xiu Xiu- I do what I want, when I want
Scary Mansion- Sharkish Sea
Chris Walla- The score
Acorn- Flood
Johnny Greenwood- Open Spaces
Yip Yip- Sprinkle Council
Parson redheads- sister
Evangelicals- The evening descends
Maria Taylor- Clean getaway
Art in manila- Time gets us all
Azure Ray- November
Faunts- sleepwalker
Hammock- starlight into day
Bitcrush- Every ghost has its spectre
Postscripts- The story never ends

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