Saturday, May 05, 2007

pinkie swear.

pinkie swear!

song - title
Various Artists: Fabriclive.33 | Spank Rock
LCD Soundsystem - Daft Punk is playing at my house
yacht - see a penny (pick it up) PREVIEW PREVIEW OH BOY!
the blow - hey boy
various artists: go commando with jdh & dave p - dirt crew & the knife 6/7
bounte - glide
rondo brothers - crazed
kj sawka - cosmos (craze mix)
65daysofstatic - when we were younger and better
ohn - be with me
terminal sound system - compressor
automusik - the hound dog
Various Artists: Domestic Blend - memoirs
landau orchestra - dark days
air - mer du japon
project skyward - sirius the brightest star
dntel - natural resources
dntel - breakfast in bed (feat. conor oberst)
modest mouse - dashboard
goldfrapp - satn chik
junior boys - like a child
mochipet - beijing operacore
bonde de role - solta o frango
lymbyc system - love your abuser
the view - comin down
thes one - target
small sails - sonambulist
schneider tm - peanut

that's all she wrote.

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