Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Jock the Sock 5/1

Jock the Sock

Tuesdays 2-4PM

Songs with the same title in green!

the icicles- whirling

mando diao- amsterdam

peter bjorn and john- amsterdam

dressy bessy- side 2

paul baribeau- strawberry

the get up kids- holiday

the arcade fire- neighborhood #3 (power out)

let's go sailing- we get along

Aa (big A little a)- track 2

of montreal- neat little domestic life

nada surf- do it again

operation ivy- sound system

the hold steady- party pit

mates of state- an experiment

the rosebuds- cemetery lawn

paul simon & joseph shabalala- diamonds on the soles of her shoes

grandaddy- lost on yer merry way

the shins- nothing at all

elliott smith- new monkey

elliott smith- whatever (folk song in C)

david bowie- starman

the flaming lips- the spark that bled

head automatica- brooklyn is burning

the moog- your sweet neck

sebadoh- good things

kaiser chiefs- i predict a riot

the mathematicians- robotic voices

my morning jacket- off the record

polyethylene- the weather and driving

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