Tuesday, May 15, 2007

monsters get slain may 15, 2007

now i'm on at a new time. this summer i'll be on the air Tuesdays 8pm - 10pm. let me know if you have any recommendations for things i might like.

death by chocolate : red

the blow : parentheses
best friends forever : i want to plug you in
math the band : larry is just super
le tigre : fake french
babyshambles : what katie did next
blonde redhead : in particular
delta 5 : try
tender forever : then if i'm weird i want to share
mates of state : everyone needs an editor
the blow : "come on petunia"
the beta band : squares
hum : stars
sunny day real estate : in circles
kiss kiss : drifts and pulls
up up down down left right left right b a start : i'm growing out
the one am radio : the landmine
logh : the passage
the go find : everything is low
radical face : wrapped in piano strings
adam green : bluebirds
herman dune : 1-2-3 apple tree
belle and sebastian : there's too much love
the microphones : i felt your shape
kimya dawson : underground
moldy peaches : goodbye song
iron and wine : bird stealing bread
devendra banhart : this is the way
captain chaos : the best note ever
cars can be blue : i like
lach : drinking beers with mom
rymodee : marry me
paul baribeau : like bells...
joie dead blonde girlfriend : another journey
ghost mice : monsters get slain
defiance ohio : tanks tanks tanks

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