Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Blender (fill in), Saturday May 13 @ 11:30p-2ish?

around 11:30 pm
Kid Koala - Scratchcratchratchatch
this is a tape i bought from kid koala's april 17th show at valentines. made me go :D

around 12:15 am
this is where i did this really long crazy mix/performance thing. with more performance in the beginning, more mix in the end. this is more or less the stuff i used in that crazy thing (i really hope i dont mess this up, i didn't take good notes):
Robert Poss - Crossing Casco Bay (two copies played, pitch bend used to create harmony between the two)
feedback using studio equipment
yelling, screaming, and singing by myself, with lyrics written by myself
runoff track of Ghost Mice's "Europe" LP, side A
runoff track of Chaotik Ramses' "The Prince of Altair" white label release, side B
Sickness - Ring Around a Rosey
short fragments of the Robert Poss and Sickness tracks are played repeticiously
Deep Voices (from side 2 of Deep Voices: The Second Whale Record)
Carlos Montoya - Zapateao (played backwards, rotated by hand)
side 1 of Deep Voices: The Second Whale Record
Silversmith - o (this is my own recording)
Tim Olive and Fritz Welch - track "a" from Sun Reverse the Footpedal
Vangelis - Beaubourg Part 1 (rotated by hand)
at this point, the whalesong and vangelis records were started and stopped frequently
audience noise from a New Deal concert at Revolution Hall, Troy NY, 9/17/2005
Xela - A Floating Procession
i started and stopped something for some nice bass, i think the vangelis record? not entirely sure
Tangerine Dream - Zeit
Erik T'sas & Matthew Florianz - Molenstraat 16:30
Greg Kelly and Jason Lescalleet - Conquest of the Earth
Evidence - Cold Storage (rotated by hand)
Evidence - So Much White (rotated by hand)
Sigur Ros - Sigur Ros
Alex Keller and Meri vonn KleinSmid - Message From Bunker 23
Biosphere - Kobresia
Sigur Ros - Oogun
Vangelis - Heaven And Hell (Part 2)
David Evans - Destinations
Mark Applebaum - Scipio Wakes Up (and Smells the Coffee)
Dan Deacon - 4400440044040 with Dufus and The Beatles
PSI (Peeesseye) - May Day
PSI (Peeesseye) - Permanent War
Belong - Red Velvet or Nothing

1:30 am, i played some boring crap, then turned off the radio station.

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