Monday, April 16, 2007

The Blender (fill in), Monday April 16 @ 10p-1a

It's like any other of my crazy shows, only this time I can play swears! Woooo! I love safe harbor hours.

10:00, picking right up where that killer blues show left off
Mochipet - Botan Ricecore
Horse the Band - A Million Exploding Suns
Car Bomb - Gum Under the Table
Godspeed You Black Emperor - Storm (side A to "Lift Yr Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven")
10:40, "After Dark"
End of Client/Server - I've Got a Mandate, Shazam!
!!! - Must Be The Moon
LCD Soundsystem - Yeah (crass)
Delgados - The Light Before We Land
The Mars Volta - Day of the Baphomets
The Book of Knots - View From The Watertower
Polysics - What
Polysics - Married to a Frenchman
Polysics - Tei! Tei! Tei!
11:40 (the beginning of a noise set to make the ears of the metal heads bleeeed. or something)
Peeesseye (PSI) - Permanent War
PCRV (Pop Culture Rape Victim) - Extrusion
Sickness - Kuranke - Tamashii
Underworld - Kittens
Chemical Brothers - Elektrobank
Chemical Brothers - Not Another Drugstore
Gilles Gobeil - Projet Proust
Pauline Oliveros - Something Else
Co-Op Radio - Destinations
Biosphere - Chukhung
goddamn i'm tired...

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