Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Hello pretty city- april 24, 2007

dolly parton: jolene
dolly parton: when someone wants to leave
dolly parton: river of happiness
dolly parton: early morning breeze
dolly parton: highlight of my life
the blow: come on petunia
mirah + ginger brooks takahashi:
while we have the sun
devendra banhart: soon is good
silversun pickups: lazy eye
bjork: earth intruders
jennifer hanson: sounds of the city
joseph arthur: black lexus
katie dill: the body's only rental
dolly parton: my blue tears
sibylle baier: tonight
jose gonzalez: heartbeats
james taylor: river
the innocence mission: i love that boy
the impossible shapes: florida silver springs
m. ward: let's dance
pony in the pancake: girl, it's summertime
yo la tengo: center of gravity
nobody + the mystic chords of memory:
coyote's song (when you hear it too)
charlotte gainsbourg: 5:55
wilco: california stars
laura veirs: don't lose yourself
eddie floyd: good love, bad love
feist: i feel it all
will stratton: night will come
mia doi todd: planting time
elvis perkins: while you were sleeping
galaxie 500: blue thunder
the innocence mission: happy birthday

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