Thursday, February 22, 2007

monsters get slain feb 22 2007

hey! i'm 21!

1. basement- just caught a face
2. need new body- ufo
3. lullatone- bedroom bossa band
4. thom yorke- black swan
5. say hi to your mom- i think i'll be a good ghost
6. the appleseed cast- mountain halo
7. xiu xiu- i love the valley OH
8. best friends forever- i want to plug you in
9. the blow- true affection
10. michael jordan touchdown pass- march of insubordination
11. tender forever- happy birthday
12. this bike is a pipe bomb- johnny
13. defiance ohio- this time, this year
14. herman dune- 1 2 3 apple tree
15. im from barcelona- treehouse
16. captain chaos- hey hey hey
17. paul baribeau- strawberry
19. rymodee- marry me
20. rosa- greg allen

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