Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Addicted to Baked Goods 2/21

Back from my hiatus, here is my playlist from today! New music in blue.

song - artist

never ending math equation - modest mouse
when i get to eleven - terrible twos
turn out the light - new amsterdams
state inspector - state radio
learn how to dissapear - casper and the cookies
energy - apples in stereo
life - jeffery lewis
tearing up the oxygen - maritime
parklife - blur
the first big weekend - arab strap
one horse town - the thrills
hands up baby - camera obscura
company calls epilogue (alternate version) - death cab for cutie
i like birds - the eels
black mirror - arcade fire
do you remember - jack johnson
sly - the cat empire
cast off crown - deerhoof
great day - morning star
the nocturnal house - pretty girls make graves
turn smile shift repeat - phantom planet
valentine - get up kids
turn on me - the shins
take a gamble - hot chip
empty shell - cat power
panama hat - mofungo
jackie, dressed in cobras - the new pornographers
heindalsgate like a promethean curse - of montreal
"my sword hand's anger" - apostle of hustle
dance music - the mountain goats
ice of boston - dismemberment plan
what is your secret? - nada surf


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