Monday, February 08, 2010

Plan B, 2/8/10

I hereby declare tonight Loud Night.

There's a whole lot off the new LP from Phantogram (!!!), the new LP from Los Campesinos! (also !!!), and some cuts from new albums from Massive Attack, The Album Leaf, The Films, and Beach House. And a bunch of (relatively) loud stuff that I really really need to play and it has to go into this show now because I don't have a dedicated show for that anymore. It'll work, though, I promise! 10:00 tonight!! WOO!!!

-- Pete

Track - Artist (Album)
  • Turn It Off - Phantogram (Eyelid Movies)
  • Ghost Under Rocks - Ra Ra Riot (The Rhumb Line)
  • Romance Is Boring - Los Campesinos! (Romance Is Boring)
  • God Bless Your Heart - The Films (Oh, Scorpio)
  • In A Jar - Brand New (Daisy)
  • Living The Dream - Million Dead (Harmony No Harmony)
  • Witch - Maps & Atlases (You and Me and The Mountain)
  • Artifacts Of Sound - So Many Dynamos (The Loud Wars)
  • Let Me Go - Phantogram (Eyelid Movies)
  • Pray For Rain - Massive Attack (Heligoland)
  • Family Galaxy - Tim Exile (Listening Tree)
  • Sirens - The Freudian Slip (Positive/Negative)
  • 1985 - Crash Kings (s/t)
  • Worlds Apart - …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead (Worlds Apart)
  • Better Times - Beach House (Teen Dream)
  • Going Once, Going Twice - Ramona Falls (Intuit)
  • Pour It Out - The Films (Oh, Scorpio)
  • As Far As I Can See - Phantogram (Eyelid Movies)
  • 1901 (RAC Maury Mix) - Phoenix
  • Ted Zancha - Maps & Atlases (You and Me and The Mountain)
  • Foreword - Moving Mountains (Foreword)
  • In Medias Res - Los Campesinos! (Romance Is Boring)
  • We Are - The Album Leaf (A Chorus of Storytellers)
  • Paradice Circus - Massive Attack (Heligoland)
  • Wicked Fire - Pacific Theater (Animals At Night)
  • 10,000 Claps - Phantogram (Eyelid Movies)


Brian said...

I noticed that there is no actual !!! in this playlist.

Pete said...

Does this mean that if I use the word "disturbed" anywhere in my posts, I need to spin some shitty overplayed bro-rock?

Brian said...

Not if you just use the word "disturbed", but if you use it like (disturbed) this (also disturbed), then yes. Yes you do.

Blar said...

hm..i wonder if phantogram is going to be #1 at cmj for us this week?