Monday, February 15, 2010

Plan B, 2/15/10

Post-rock night!

Track - Artist (Album)

South Col - The Appleseed Cast (Sagarmatha)
Foreword - Moving Mountains (Foreword)
The Raven - Caspian (Tertia)
Ný Batterí - Sigur Rós (Ágætis Byrjun)
Modern Drift - Efterklang (Magic Chairs)
The Birth and the Death of Day - Explosions In The Sky (All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone)
Malko - Russian Circles (Geneva)
Arrowhead Wounds - Antarctic (s/t EP)
Drove Through Ghosts To Get Here - 65daysofstatic (One Time For All Time)
Innocent Violent Ordinary - The Appleseed Cast (Two Conversations)
8105 - Moving Mountains (Pneuma)
Sæglópur - Sigur Rós (Takk…)
To Sit Down Or To Follow, So I Follow - Youth Pictures of Florence Henderson (s/t)
The Pulse of This Skyline With Lightning Like Nerves - Slow Six (Nor'easter)
Yasmin The Light - Explosions In The Sky (Those Who Tell The Truth Shall Die, Those Who Tell The Truth Shall Live Forever)
Ceremony - The Appleseed Cast (Peregrine)


Blar said...

whoa..didn't even realize you played ny batteri..i randomly picked it for my show today..craazy

Pete said...

I live to thwart your every move. Playlist-wise, anyway. Why do you think I'm still on the schedule the night before you?