Monday, November 02, 2009

Plan B, 11/2/09

Finally, I have the ability to produce the kind of show I want to produce again, for I have returned to the land of functional laptop ownership. This means I can actually comfortably playlist and produce a reasonably coherent show! Woo! (I seriously find this exciting.)

Anyway, here's this week's playlist. The good stuff is Octopus by The Fear and Trembling out of Nashville and The Middle East's self-titled release (for once I'll agree with Pitchfork). I'd highly recommend checking out some more from them.

As usual, Track - Artist (Album):

Movement III - Sufjan Stevens (The BQE)
Red Panda - The Fear and Trembling (Octopus)
Shoes Watch - An Horse (Rearrange Beds)
Of Foam and Wave - Caspian (Tertia)
Worm Mountain - The Flaming Lips feat. MGMT (Embryonic)
November - Rubblebucket (Rubblebucket)
The Darkest Side - The Middle East (The Middle East)
Why Is The Couch Always Wet? - Don Caballero (Punkgasm)
Trojan - The Nocturnes (A Year of Spring)
Don't Go Awash In This Digital Landscape - Codes In The Clouds (Paper Canyon)
Killer Legs - Valleys (Sometimes Water Kills People)
Bad Mr. Kurtz - Rubblebucket (Rubblebucket)
Watching The Planets - The Flaming Lips (Embryonic)
Florida Logic - Cougar (Patriot)
Bug Eyes - Dredg (Catch Without Arms)
The Octopus - The Fear and Trembling (Octopus)
Camp Out - An Horse (Rearrange Beds)
Ghosts of the Garden City - Caspian (Tertia)
Cartoons and Macramé Wonds - Mew (No More Stories[…])
Justine - The Nocturnes (A Year of Spring)
Blood - The Middle East (The Middle East)

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