Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ambient Signal - 10/13/09 - 5th anniversary show

WRPI 91.5fm!
http://www.wrpi.org/ for webcast
Tuesdays 4-6pm

I am counting this as my 5th anniversary show. I started having a show on WRPI in mid-October of 2004, and I have been broadcasting pretty consistently ever since. I used to have a tiny 1 hour slot from 12-1 on tuesdays, and I've done shows on mondays and wednesdays, but tuesdays have always been my favorite. I'm not doing anything particularly different today..it's cloudy and rainy and cold out, so I'm doing what I try to do best and match the mood of these somber afternoons with some great music.

Larytta - Promises
Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah (Request)
Memory Tapes - Run out
The Album Leaf - Streamside
Bon Iver - Flume

Camera Obscura - Country Mile
Bright Eyes - Lime Tree
Faunts - Of nature
Ramona Falls - Bellyfulla
Lackthereof - Safely in jail
Flight of the conchords - Carol Brown
Noah and the whale - Instrumental I and Love of an orchestra
Monsters of Folk - Map of the world
Volcano Choir - Dote
Flaming Lips - Evil
Via Tania - Fields
Bear in heaven - Whole hearted mess
Raveonettes - Breaking into cars
The Temper Trap - Sweet disposition
Orenda Fink - High ground
Frontier Ruckus - Foggy lilac windows
Neva Dinova - Spring Cleaning
Land of talk - A series of small flames
The Velvet Teen - Noi Boi
Sigur Ros - Gong

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allisahn said...

congrats blar (:

i guess it has been 5 years, hasn't it? craaaaazy