Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Ambient Signal - 9/8/09

WRPI 91.5fm!
http://www.wrpi.org/ for webcast
Tuesdays 4-6pm

Yeaah, the blog is getting slowly refilled

Wolf Parade - Soldier's Grin
The Strokes - Soma
World's End Girlfriend - Birthday resistance
Why? - Early whitney
Son lux - Do
Alias - Weathering
Slow Six - These rivers between us (live recording at GZ)
Why? - Into the shadows of my embrace
Ramona Falls - Russia
Antlers - Sylvia
Dodos - Fable
Amy Millan - Old perfume
Windmill - Big Boom
Tyondai Braxton - Uffe's woodshop
Cougar - Stay famous
Orba Squara - Trouble with flying
Alan singley and the pants machine - Little by little
Caspian - Mie/La Cerva
Grand archives - Oslo Novelist
Softlightes - The Ballad of Theodore and June
Azeda Booth - Big Fists
Conor oberst and the mystic valley band - White shoes
Bibio - Haikuesque (When she laughs)
The Album leaf - Twenty two fourteen
Bitcrush - Every ghost has it's spectre

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