Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ambient Signal - 6/30/09 - Extended show again

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Tuesdays 6-8pm

Rainy and 64 degrees

3 hours is a long time to fill..not one of my best rainy day playlists, but it'll do

Anathallo - Noni's field
Annuals - Wake
DNTEL - Last Songs
Bon Iver - Lump Sum
Midlake - It covers the hillsides (alt)
Feist - How my heart behaves
Sigur Ros - Svefn G Englar
Grizzly Bear - Ready Able
Phantogram - When I'm small
Dirty projectors - Temecula Sunrise
Starfucker - boy toy
Sunset Rubdown - Idiot Heart
Most serene republic - Bubble reputation
Moby - Pale horses
Phenomenal Handclap Band - Testimony
Bibio - S'vive
Beniot Pioulard - Idyll
Mars Volta - Since we've been wrong
Portland Cello project - Travel
Regina Spektor -Eet
Bowerbirds - Northern Lights
Tiny Vipers - Outside
Alexa Woodward - Mary
Those darlins - Red light love (didn't mean to play this again)
Deastro - River of life
Animal Collective - Summertime clothes
Cass McCombs - Dreams come true girl
Deer tick - Straight into a storm
Ohbijou - Make it gold
Styrofoam - Couches in alleys
M83 - Addicted to self mutlilation
Mum - Green grass of tunnel
Steve Reich - Section IX of Music for 18 musicians (Rare live performance as Mass Moca July 25th!! Visit massmoca.org for details)
Hammock - Winter Light
Denali - Hold your breath
Margot and the nuclear so and so's - Skeleton Key
Son Lux - Wither (Playing at mass moca on friday September 4th!!..Son lux made my #1 album of 2008)


diane said...

i love your show blar...
however where do find all these great musicians?
you are def the man...love, love, love your show.....
don't get to hear as often as i would like, can i podcast it?

Blar said...

thanks a lot, glad you like it. I've been here for quite a while so i've been able to find a lot of music that I like, and we get over 40 new cds a week, and that keeps me on my toes

i'd like to podcast maybe, but i'[m pretty sure i'd run into legal issues for posting so much music in a podcast file..all of these artists have myspace pages for further exploration and I encourage you to support them whenever possible. Some stuff i play does take some digging to find or is a little older now, so feel free to contact me if you're having trouble finding a song you really love