Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Possible new Velvet Teen song!

(btw.. boo again to Tim and Emelie leaving..hopefully they'll keep posting on the blog)

So I was looking for new info on the Velvet Teen's upcoming album, and they apparently recently changed their site (they often do with new cryptic messages and strange graphics) and a song plays in the background..check it out:

It isn't a randomly generated or looped video game definitely has an ending about 3 minutes later. Could be a song off the new album, could be something from lead singer Jonah's long awaited solo album, or it could be them trying to fuck with any case it sounds pretty awesome. Try counting it, for fun

They've been recording since last fall or early this year I cross your fingers for a late 2009 release. Apparently the label they were on, Slowdance, recently folded, so they'll have to make the jump to a new label (possibly Pandacide?) but I don't foresee that being a problem.

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