Tuesday, March 31, 2009

pinkie swear.

death cab - grapevine fires
bishop allen - dimmer
modest mouse - 3rd planet
architechture in helsinki - that beep
mates of state - the re-arranger
yacht - see a penny (pick it up)
royksopp - happy up here
ladytron - tomorrow (great northern remix)
Mr. Scruff - music takes me up
Sebastien Tellier - Kilometer (A-trak remix)
Late of the Pier - Space in the woods
The Ephemera Design Firm - Rheims <----Playing at the Arts Center of the Capital Region on April 4th http://www.artscenteronline.org/ for more information - WRPI is giving away tickets later this week so stay tuned!
Mirah - La Familia (Guy Sigsworth)
Tilly and the wall - alligator skin
Mirah - Genorosity
The Mae Shi - Lamb and Lion
CocoRosie - God has a voice, she speaks through me
Mochipet - Girls and Boys and Toys
Lily Allen - The Fear
Santogold - L.E.S. Artistes
Tobacco - Backwoods Altar
Lali Puna - Boom Bip (Micronomic Remix)
Akoi Takamasa - When Night Falls
The Knife - Silent Shout
The Ephemera Design Firm - Notre Dame
Architechture in Helsinki - That Beep - Radioclit's French Mix



thao said...

there was a song that was played during your segment and the ending was just "la, la, la, la, la" Any idea who the band was or the song name???

m v farley said...

Thank you for playing my music, and promoting the show at the Arts Center - I appreciate it!
michael (the ephemera design firm)

Emelie said...

hmmm I don't remember what song that was Thao.

Glad I got to come to your show Mike! I didn't expect it to last so long but I enjoyed what I had time to hear!